Call me for a complimentary consultation by phone.
We will go over your particular needs and goals.
Then we’ll walk through the space together and decide what has to be done.. for how much.. and estimate how long the project will take.


Home & Office

  1.     I turn jumbled bedroom and bathroom CLOSETS into spaces where you can find what you need easily and quickly – arranging and storing clothes and accessories using items you already have on hand (ie: racks, plastic bins, hangers).
    2.    In the KITCHEN, I arrange items in your pantry and cabinets to meet your needs, making the best use of the space you have.
    3.    I “declutter” – turning crowded OFFICES and CRAFT/PLAYROOMS into places where you want to spend time.
    4.    Working with you, I sort through clothes, food items, dishes, old magazines, etc. Some things you will want to donate or consign. Others you may want to toss, and keep the rest. You decide. I do the heavy lifting.
    5.    I also tackle GARAGES and ATTICS, finding more space for your treasures.
    6.    And if you are MOVING to a new home, I can unpack, put things away, and have you enjoying it in no time.

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