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Packing Up & Moving Out

  • Start a month before the big move. Go room by room.. and pack for an hour a day. It’s a lot less stressful.
  • You can pick up sturdy boxes for free from liquor or grocery stores.
  • Check places like Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill for big clothes boxes.
  • Pack small boxes on a tabletop if possible. That will keep you from kneeling or bending for any length of time.
  • Donate or sell whatever furniture or appliances you don’t absolutely need.
  • Pack your medications, medical records, financial records and any other important documents in separate boxes.. and take them with you on moving day!

Spruce Up for Spring

  1. Begin with ceiling fans and work your way down to the baseboards.
  2. Again, go room by room whenever you have some time.
  3. CEILING FANS.. a microfiber cloth or hand mop is great for collecting the dust.
  4. WALLS.. to keep them fresh, lightly dust them every 3 months with a mop (dry or slightly damp). To remove everyday marks, try some warm water and a clean sponge. But be careful with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It could remove the color or finish.
  5. DOORWAYS AND TRIM.. again, a microfiber cloth works wonders on any dust that may have collected. Cleaning wipes get them to really shine.

Out with the Old

Disposing of items is not as difficult as you may think.

  • Help a charity by donating gently used clothes or various household items. Some organizations even come to your house, pick them up and leave you a receipt.
  • You can place unwanted items by the street with a sign that reads “Free.” Watch them disappear!
  • If you’re really ambitious, hold a Yard Sale or sign up at an online auction site. Turn those unwanted items into cash.

Controlling the Clutter

Go through items room by room and ask yourself:

1. Do I use this item regularly?

2. Or is it something that I love?

If not.. consider tossing, donating or storing it.

For example, rid your medicine cabinet of ANYTHING that has an expired date. Pharmacies usually have a receptacle that will safely dispose of such medications.

As for clothes, my rule of thumb: if I haven’t worn it in 2 years, say Goodbye.

You’ll be amazed at the space you create.

Holiday Tips

turkeyWith holiday’s right around the corner, don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed.

Take one project at a time:

1. Decorating — get your items together and sort them by room (or outdoor space). If you have children, let them help put out the decorations.

2. Shopping for the food — prepare your list. If you can buy ahead of time, by all means, do. And have your recipes at the ready!

3. Expecting company? — Start a week before they arrive and clean/prepare one room at a time. (guest room first, then guest bath) Remember, the entire house does not have to be done all in one day. And don’t stress about being perfect!