About Angi

I am a professional organizer with the time and know-how to create a peaceful atmosphere for you.

Organizing comes second nature to me. Even as a child, I had to have everything in my “space” neat and tidy. To this day, I am constantly rearranging closets, bathroom and kitchen cabinets, garages and attics – mine as well as relatives and friends.

Nearing early retirement after 35 years as a broadcast journalist, my husband encouraged me to start my own business. He even came up with the name! Sadly he was killed shortly thereafter.

Eventually I packed up our 2,100 square foot house in Atlanta and moved into a smaller house on the South Carolina coast. I restarted my business and joined the Charleston chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers. As a member of the national organization as well, I am privy to the latest tools and ideas that benefit my clients.

They often tell me I have changed their lives; that my organizational skills have saved them countless hours they used to spend hunting for certain items.